Saturday, August 24, 2019
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January 2019 Musings from Winchester Grange

By Todd Gelineau

  JANUARY 7, 2019 --

Winchester Grange had a nice Christmas meeting and program on December 11 with the always popular Christmas Grab Bag of gifts.

Our next meeting will be about the new year - - “2019” and the following meeting on Jan. 22 will be about, well, the most popular topic these days – how cold it is…. Brrr!  The meeting will be followed by refreshments, of course, and a Country Store.  Please join us!

Winchester Grange is pleased to report that we will be taking in two additional new members in the coming weeks… and they actually ASKED US to join!  Who does that these days???  We will have more on this in the next issue.

Until next time, stay warm!

Jan. 8:  2019!, Ref. Marie & Jim Steiner

Jan. 22:  Brrr! (Country Store), Ref. Pam Wright & Donald Fancher

Feb. 12:  Hearts & Flowers, Ref. Potluck, 6:00 P.M.

Feb. 26:  USA, Ref. Kim & Randy Carlson

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