Monday, December 04, 2023
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Presidentís Message: National Grange Session
  DECEMBER 1, 2023 --

As I begin to write this for December, I am preparing to leave the 157th National Grange convention in Niagara Falls for home. For the first time in my life, I got to see the Falls, both Canadian and American, and they are awesome! It has been a great convention, but first there needs to be a wrap on the 139th Connecticut State Grange Session. Our attendance for State Session was great and I thank you all for your dedication. Thank you to the Family Activities Committee for the gifts given to Maggie and me. You likely noticed my errors; a gift has been sent to our National Grange representatives, Chris and Duane Hamp (four bottles of CT wine) and gratefully received. The lack of an Agriculture Committee report has been addressed and we have new members on that committee. We have new members added to Membership as well. I look forward to working with the new Fundraising Committee and the Board of Directors as we address the budget deficit. The Convention was truly made whole by Mary Lou Keefe’s music. I wish to also thank BJ Harrington for her service on the Youth Committee. Also, thanks to Brother Roy for all his work in support of the Grange.

The rebirth of a partnership between CSG and the American School for the Deaf was due to State Lecturer Dave Roberts obtaining a $1000 grant from National Grange. The Trunk of Treat went well. Stay tuned for future events.

Six resolutions from CT went to National Grange. Number 1 on computer based technology and # 12 on artificial intelligence, #16 on healthcare security, #22 on limitations on subordinate memberships were adopted. Number 11 on student loans was withdrawn. Number 23 on Assembly of Demeter titles was quite contentious and put off for future consideration by being put into Grange policy.

This year was an election year for National Grange and there was a significant change in the officer lineup. We have a new National President in Chris Hamp, our National representative to State Grange Session. The new Vice President is John Benedik (NJ), Executive Committee-no changes: Lynnette Schaeffer (IL), Susan Noah (OR), Leroy Watson (NH), and Buddy Overstreet (TX), Lecturer Tom Gwin (WA), Secretary(no change) Debbie Campbell (PA), Chaplain Kay Hoffman Stiles (MD), Steward Christopher Johnson (MI), Assistant Steward Walter Hartley (RI), Lady Assistant Steward(no change) Kathy Gibson(MA), Treasurer (no change) Joe Goodrich (VT), Gatekeeper David Allen (GK),Graces (no change):  Ceres Cindy Greer (CO), Pomona Barbara Foster (WV), Flora Welina Shufeldt (OK), Assembly of Demeter: High Priest of Demeter (no change)Roger Bostwick (KS), Priest Archon Chip Narvel (DE), and Priestess Annalist (no change) Martha Stefanoni (CA). With a change in leadership, I expect to see some changes in National Grange. With these capable leaders, I expect great things to come about.

Five people from CT took the Seventh Degree in a class of 153. Twenty five sat for the beautiful Sixth Degree put on by a special session of the New York State Grange lead by Past State President Stephen Coye to qualify for the Seventh. The degree this year was done a bit differently. As the costumes are aging and not in good condition, they were not used as only the Seventh Degree collars were worn over suits by those acting out the degree parts. The degree was performed on the level instead of on a stage to cut out the expense of renting staging. The entire CT delegation to National Grange convention consisted of 13 people, a good showing for the state.

Judy Doyle of Riverton and Granby Granges along with Ailli McKeen of Wallingford Grange led a Grange revitalization seminar which they were pleased to give and was well received. For all the positive things happening in CT, the Connecticut State Grange received the Cultivator Award. Coventry Grange received 3rd place in the Community Service Contest due to activities of the Junior+1 members. Granby Grange received 1st place in the National Lecturer’s garden contest for their group garden. Lecturer Dave Roberts was named a 2023 Grange Advocacy in Action participant. Grange in Action awards went to Riverton (Golden G IA), Granby (Golden GIA), Ekonk Community Junior and Senexet Granges. Honor Granges for membership gains were: Granby, Ekonk Community, Hillstown, Simsbury, Groton Community, Riverton, Wolcott, Greenfield Hill, and Killingly. Granges sponsoring a Junior Grange or having Junior+1 members posting gains were: Ekonk Community, Granby, Groton Community, and Hillstown. Keep up the good work everyone. We would like to see more Granges in Action as six would qualify us for being a State Grange in Action. It is also a goal to increase the number and therefore percentage of Community service Reports being submitted even if you only complete the form to supply community service hours for our total count.

By now, many if not all of you will have received a letter from National Grange about the free accidental death and dismemberment insurance benefit. This is legitimate and a benefit from National Grange and a partner, American Income Life Insurance Company. It is not a scam. If you are interested, submit the form for the $4000.00 benefit; if not rip up and throw away. You can choose what is best for you, but there is no charge for this so take advantage of it if is in of interest.

Stay tuned for a new Leadership Training program being planned by Jody Cameron and Todd Gelineau. It will continue in the vein the Leadership Academy. Stay tuned for more details. Plan to sign up as it will be very worthwhile I can assure you.

In recent conversation with new National President Hamp, there is intention is to make the Pomona Study committee continue to explore avenues to reinvigorate the Pomona Granges and give them new purpose to make them more applicable to the modern world. Perhaps they will be optional to the areas where they work but not required where they are not felt to be useful. I look forward to continuing the work of this committee.

I hope to see many of you as I disburse the various awards around the state as I continue my visitations. As we enter a new year, continue all your hard work. Next year, National Grange goes to Bettendorf, Iowa and the Quad Cities area.

Happy Holidays to all. Enjoy the time with family and friends.



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