Monday, October 18, 2021
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President's Message
President's Message: We Are Heeereerrr!

By Noel Miller, CT State Grange President

  February 6, 2017 --

“We are here, we are here.  We are HEEEREERRR!” come the shouts of Whoville.

This is from the Doctor Seuss classic “Horton hears a Who.” Those little people living on a clover bloom are heard by Horton and no one else until their voices are united and shouted proudly and loudly until everyone could hear them to believe in their very being. We as Grangers tend to be in the same spot we are few in numbers but we need to shout out to all that “We are here.” Some of our Granges have found the thing that makes them leaders of the community, which I congratulate, but others need to find that spark that will let the community know that you are there, willing and able to help and serve. Let us work together and shout out loud so that we all can be heard.

The National Grange is offering new things in the next year. A new magazine “Good Day” is coming. It will have stories and articles about Granges nationwide. They are looking for recipes, and pictures of Grange Halls. Check it out and subscribe now. They also have a radio station on the web. Brother Bob Charbonneau has a slot on

Thursday (8 PM), Saturday (9 PM) & Tuesday (10 PM) evenings (www.grangeradio.org ).  Check it out and see what is happening on the National level.

The State Masters’ Conference is coming to Connecticut. All State Masters have been invited to Ekonk Community Grange for the State Masters’ Conference to be held February 17-19, 2017. I thank the members of Ekonk Community Grange who welcomed us to their hall and will provide food and fellowship at this event.

I attended the Dairy Summit January 3 at the Legislative Office Building at the Capitol. The event was sponsored by the Farm Bureau, which had information about the future of the Connecticut dairy industry. Speakers from UConn, USDA, Farm Credit, and Agrimark spoke about the future trends and expectations of the future of dairy farms in Connecticut. While we are in the Fluid I market, our farmers are paid by the Fluid III market which follows the Cheese Market prices. Connecticut farmers produced 2.8 million pounds of milk products but only represent 1.8% of the total amount of the Northeast Region. Exports are the friend of the dairy farmers worldwide so we must move with caution on new trade deals so that our farmers are not blocked out from a chance for increased shares. They had a roundtable on the next generation of dairy farmers to talk about their operations and fears for the future. Many talked about diversifying the farms products by expanding local items. One farm seeks to expand to 3,000 cows under one roof in Ellington. The future may look brighter for our dairy farmers but we must keep a close eye because the balance is shaky and one bad move could alter the future of these farms.

This year we have had a difficult job trying to find Deputies for the State Grange, not everyone can be a Deputy. They need to be knowledgeable in Grange Ritual, willing to travel and be the eyes and ears of the State Master. If I overlooked you and you are willing, please let me know. If we can fill these positions we may have to have a new inspection program, which may include self-inspections, State officers reviewing Granges.  I hope to have this solved by inspection time.

New changes are coming to our country with a new President, new Congress, we will see if they all uphold the Constitution that they all hold onto as tight as the Bible and remember that “We the People” are watching and taking notes for the cries “We are here, We are here, We are Heeree” will be ever in their heads if they mess it up.

May you all find the true love and celebrate it on Valentine’s Day, and remember chocolates fall under Fluid III dairy products and support our local farmers.


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