Friday, October 30, 2020
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Due to COVID-19 Stay Home Mandates - CALL Before Attending Grange Events


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 Taghhannuck Grange Broadband Initiative

Itís a widely known fact that rural areas of our country like Sharon, Ct are woefully underserved when it comes to reliable broadband internet service and cell phone connectivity.

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 Hank's Hankerings: Coconut Double Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

The weather is getting chillier and frost is on the pumpkin so they say in October. But the flavors of fall include pumpkin in all different tasty varieties from pumpkin pie to pumpkin spice everything.

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 October 2020 Musings from Winchester Grange

Winchester Grange is back to meeting on a monthly basis using Zoom. Our Master polled the membership via email during the month of August and the majority of our members want to avoid meeting in-person for the short term. At least until the beginning of the new year, we will be meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

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 October 2020 News from Senexet Grange No. 40

Another month has passed in the life of our Grange. We did meet in person very carefully and made some plans for the near future. We held a very successful yard sale outside the building.

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 Hank the Burro: Virtual Session On Tap

Zoom Grange meetings seem to be on the rise. Thatís great that many Granges are taking advantage of the platform to hold regular meetings and get back to a new version of normal. I am prepping for the CT State Grange Annual Session, that will also be on Zoom this year.

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 October 2020 News from Lyme Grange No. 147

Well, let's see, are people having virtual meetings? Meetings 6 feet apart? Such unusual times. Connecticut should be proud of themselves, mandatory mask wearing in stores and businesses and having one way aisles.

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