Monday, April 22, 2024
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President's Message

Grange Strong: Rooted, Resilient, and United. This is National Grange President Chris Hampís new theme for 2024-25. It is what we are and continue to be. We have proud and strong roots in history and modernity, we are resilient and can change with the times, and we are rooted in our communities by what we do.

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Robert Buck
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Grange News

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Legislatively Speaking

We have lost a great friend and member of the State Grange family, Gordon F. Gibson. He joined the Legislative Committee under my father William A. Miller and had a great knowledge of land acquisition and farm bills.

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Noel Miller
Legislative Director
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Lecturer's Corner

The 2024 North East Lecturers Association (NELA) Conference will be held June 21-23 at the Holiday Inn, Norwich, CT. This Conference has not been held in over five years, so this is an awesome opportunity right here in Connecticut for all Grangers and want-to-be-Grangers to join together for some great food, fun, education, and relaxation.

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Dave Roberts
State Lecturer
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