Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Due to State COVID Mandates - CALL Before Attending Grange Events


President's Message
President's Message: We'll Get Through This Together

By George Russell, CT State Grange President

  June 2, 2020 --

As I am writing this report in the middle of May, we are all affected by this COVID-19 pandemic. Our Granges are unable to meet face-to-face and carry out our fundraisers. The Granges that have farmer’s markets and plant sales are allowed to hold them as long as they are outside and they are following the Governor’s Executive Order and all local and state regulations.

Your Board of Directors voted to provide a one-time stimulus payment of: $1000 to Granges that own their halls and $500 for those Granges that do not own a hall but rent. We hope this money will help offset some of the fund- raisers that you were unable to hold.

During these times that we are unable to meet or have fundraisers we must keep up our Granges as best as we can; especially the ones who own their own halls. We have to keep up the insurance li- ability and fire insurance in case something happens to our buildings. We don’t want our members have to pay to get a building fixed or even cleaned up after a fire if your building is not covered by insurance. So please look over your policies and keep them up-to- date. When I was listening to the National Grange live Stream the other day: Burton Eller: Legislative Director for National Grange mentioned to check with your li- ability insurance to see if viruses are covered if you are planning to put on a fundraiser. This will cover you in the event that someone who has attended your fundraiser gets sick and comes back on the Grange with a lawsuit.

As of the middle of May, 15 fairs have been canceled for the year in Connecticut. Two major fairs sponsored by Granges and four Grange fairs. As of this morning’s paper the Big E is planning to go ahead with the fair on September 18 to October 4.

As the governor is reopening the state on May 20; some of the guidelines for social gatherings will be restricted to a maximum of five people, individuals in the high risk group or over the age of 65 should continue to stay safe and stay home. Face coverings should continue to be worn in public at all times. With the restriction of five people our Granges cannot hold legal meetings. The second round of re-opening the state is supposed to be in 3 to 4 weeks. We will have to wait and see what the new restrictions are and will have to carry-on as best as we can through this pandemic.

The Connecticut State Grange Agriculture Committee is setting up an outreach project to purchase masks for agricultural workers in our state. This will be a joint project of the Agriculture Committee and the Community Service Committee to purchase masks and distribute them in the eight counties with the help of Connecticut State Farm Bureau. The State Grange will be purchasing 80 boxes /4000 masks to distribute to our agriculture community. J Allen Cameron, the Connecticut State Grange Agriculture Director is heading up this project.



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