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President's Message
President's Message: A historic State Session

By George Russell, CT State Grange President

  NOVEMBER 5, 2020 --

The 136th Annual Connecticut State Grange Session is history.  Our first virtual State Session made history for the Connecticut State Grange.  It was the first one ever done this way and most of us hope it’s the last.  I would like to thank the officers and delegates for their patience for getting through this historic meeting.  I think this meeting went very well with the exception of a few glitches that were quickly fixed by Terri Fassio and Faith Quinlan at the controls.  I would also like to thank Jodi Ann Cameron for controlling the non-delegate room.  A special thank you to our State Secretary Todd Gelineau for all his work in putting this event together.  As for the mail-in balloting for officers, this was also something new that has never been done before.  I felt it worked out well as we filled all the offices except for Assistant Steward which was a tie for this office.  The Board of Directors have selected Roy Harrington to fill the position for one year, until the next State Session.

I would like to congratulate the winners for the Community Service Award that have over 50 members.  1st Place – Cheshire #23, 2nd Place- Riverton #169 and 3rd Place- Lyme #147.  Granges with members of under 50:  1st Place: Vernon #52, 2nd Place- Coventry #75 and 3rd Place – Taghhannuck #100.  The overall winner that will be sent on to National Grange is Cheshire Grange #23.

I would like to congratulate Riverton Grange #169 for getting the silver Honor Grange award and congratulations to all the award winners that were presented from the Membership Committee, the Lecturer and the other committees.

In closing this month’s article, I would like to thank the delegates for having confidence in me to be your Master/President for the next two years.

Sharon and I would like to wish everyone a safe and prosperous Thanksgiving holiday.


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