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President's Message
President's Message: Happy Mother's Day

By George Russell, CT State Grange President

  May 1, 2022 --

April showers bring May flowers. We sure had enough rain in April to have a bonus of May flowers for Mother’s Day!

There are quite a few of our Community Granges that will have plant sales in May and June. These Granges will be selling flowers and vegetable plants. So, if you’re looking to put in a garden, check out and support your local Granges.  Many of our Granges are also putting on suppers again!  You have an option of take-out or eat-in. It looks like our Granges are getting back to normal. Two of Connecticut’s Pomonas will be conferring the Fifth Degree in May. On May 14, Mountain Laurel Pomona will be conferring the degree at 2 P.M. at Winchester Grange Hall.  Eastern Connecticut Pomona will be conferring the Fifth Degree at 7 P.M. at Killingly Grange Hall. If you haven’t received the Fifth Degree, here’s your chance.   With two locations, one in the western part of the state and the other in the

eastern part of the state.

This is the time of year we should be thinking about resolutions for State Session. If you think some of the by-laws of the State and National Granges should be changed, put it in the form of a resolution and if it passes at your Community Grange, send it on to your Pomona for support and to the State Grange Secretary. You should also plan to have delegates from your Grange at State Grange to discuss your resolution and to help it be adopted.

I have had emails and calls after State Session inquiring about why their resolution was not adopted. So make an effort to attend this year’s State Session.

To end this month’s report, I would like to wish all the mothers in our State Grange a happy Mother’s Day. Stay safe and healthy.



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