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President's Message
January 2011 President's Message

By Jody A. Cameron, State President

  JANUARY 3, 2011 --

Our history is written... We write our future!

We have been around for over 125 years; we have an impressive history that has brought us many successes, a foundation of concrete.  That concrete over the years has weakened slightly, even crumbled in some cases.  We have gone from a high in excess of 10 thousands members to just over 3,000, over 200 Granges to just 58 today.  That is our history, what about or future? 

Do you see a growing membership?  A stronger, more involved membership?  A Grange that is looked to for solutions when there is a need in the community?  I hope so, because I do!  Tomorrow brings us GROWTH; we have the people, the tools, and the right attitude.  We have a solid membership base that is willing and interested in growth and sustainability.   We have Granges doing incredible community service; we have individual members giving of themselves unselfishly for the betterment of their neighbors.  We have good leaders in our Granges with the ability to initiate growth, develop teams and encourage individual personal development.  

Sister Jodi Ann and I have visited Granges since October that have already been taking in new members; one welcomed 3 new members the night of our visit.  The Lecturer Programs have been OUTSTANDING top quality, from paid Bell Ringers to well prepared programs on the history of the Grange to ritual.  We are seeing good exemplification of Grange Ritual, officers and members taking pride in their work and their Grange and having fun at the same time.  These are the tools that are essential for the attraction and retention of members.  

These are exciting times.  We have an opportunity to change the face of the Grange.  This is our time to be the pioneers of the Grange to quote the National Master, Ed Luttrell, “the second 7.”    It kind of gives me goose bumps to realize we are as influential as the 7 founders of the Grange.  Our job is easier that theirs was, we have a solid, concrete foundation to build upon the very foundation they built.  I can only imagine the trial and tribulations the seven founders faced, introducing the public to a fraternal organization no one had ever heard of.  We have none of those challenges, none.  There is no wheel to re-invent, we have been brining in members for over 125 years, there is one secret to membership development that I want to share you, it is not a guarded secret so you can share this with all members of your Grange, JUST ASK THEM TO JOIN!


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