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President's Message
February 2007 President's Message

By Robert Sendewicz, Master/President

  FEBRUARY 2007 -- By the time you read this report the schools of instruction should be completed. The last one was on February 4, 2007 at Beacon Valley Grange. I hope all who attended the schools came away with useful information. I tried to impart to those in attendance the important responsibilities of the Grange Officers and how the meetings should be conducted.
At some of the schools, particularly those across the Connecticut River, it was a meet the new Master event, since I have not been a frequent visitor in these parts. I met many new people and I hope they got a sense of what I stand for as far as the Grange is concerned.
At all of the schools the State Directories and Blue Books were distributed. I want to thank all the Committee Directors and the State Officers for the prompt delivery of their committee information which enabled the Blue Books to be done quickly. A special thanks to Todd Gelineau for assembling all this information and quickly printing it.
The Blue Book contains much useful information to help all Granges plan the coming year. Look over the Honor Grange report and see what you can do to increase your score. Also when you  receive the inspection form from your deputy check it to see what can be done  to increase your inspection score.
Recently there have been two new appointments to the Pink Sash family. The Executive Committee has approved the appointment of William Schnell of Taghhannuck Grange, to fill the remaining year of John Carter’s term as a Trustee of Camp Berger and I have appointed Marcia Meehan of Prospect Grange, to the Youth Committee. I thank both of you for accepting these challenging positions. I plan to fill the few remaining openings shortly.  [Editor’s Note:  Since the writing of this article, more appointments have been made.  Due to the resignation of Cindy Anderson, James Palmer of Echo Grange has been appointed as the new Pomona Deputy East.  Sister Pat Palmer has taken Jim’s place as Deputy of Quinebaug Pomona No. 2]
Now that the cold weather is starting in remember there is a warm glow at your Grange hall. I hope one of your New Years resolutions was to become  more active in your Grange. We are all needed, now more than ever. Lets do what we can to build up our membership. Lets get ready for 2008.  


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