Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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President's Message
Do you tweet, blog or Facebook?

By Jody A. Cameron, CT State Grange President

  JANUARY 3, 2012 --

It was my intention to quote parts of our Obligations many of us took at the altar of our Grange.  For ha ha’s I went on line to look up the obligation of the Fourth Degree, and to my, I guess not so surprise,  not only found the obligation, but the entire Degree work, for all 5 Degrees.  So, my focus immediately changed.

WOW, the internet, what an amazing, wondrous and dangerous tool.

We as an organization benefit greatly from the internet through the many avenues we can take to get our message out to the public.  Our State Grange Public Relations Department has put together numerous tools to help your Grange use all aspects of the media to promote your Grange and its activities.  Has your Grange reviewed the material sent to you by them?  Does your Grange have a Facebook page?  How about your own website?  Do you tweet or blog?  What, too technical for you?  That’s OK, for now.  This is where every Grange needs to be headed with public relations programs.  After all the internet is where the majority of today’s population gets their news and information.  For now though, we each must take on the task of promoting our Grange in everything we do.  Do you have a Grange pin, Grange shirt, sweatshirt or coat?  Do you tell people you belong to the Grange?  When you volunteer do you do it in the name of your Grange?  When you hold public events, do you inform the public not only about the Grange, but do you also tell them what your Grange does for the community and its citizens?  The answer here REALLY needs to be yes.  

Our Granges image and story is dictated us.  We control what is written on the internet or reported to the media.  We must always maintain a positive image in our communities.  We need to change how the question is asked “What is the Grange?” from “what is that building?” to, “How can I learn more about you organization?”  

Do not hesitate to call on the State Grange Public Relations Team for assistance that is what they and all State Grange Committees are there for, you the members and individual Granges; to advance your organization to unimaginable heights.

The internet, what an amazing, wondrous and dangerous tool, let’s use the knowledge of the State Grange and your members to make sure it is always  an amazing, wondrous  tool.


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