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President's Message
President's Message: Join The Team ... Get Involved

By Noel T. Miller, CT State Grange President

  March 6, 2018 --

What a wild and mild winter we have had, frigid cold one week, blustery snowstorm, next warm drenching rains the next. The maple trees are confused whether to flow maple sap. I have seen robins in February and even seen a redwing blackbird the other day. Mr. Groundhog has missed the mark as to more winter weather ahead. Let the mud season begin. This year many Granges are having Seed Exchanges or giving seed obtained from the University of Rhode Island or Hart Seeds in Wethersfield. These educational programs are great tools to gain new members, along with workshops in Planting Gardens, and pruning fruit trees. Many people are interested in backyard gardens and farming and will go to a meeting to learn and have their questions answered. Use this as an opportunity to bring people into our halls and maybe become new members.

The National Grange’s new magazine “Good Day!” is a hit by members who receive it. It is a well prepared, full of information, recipes, Junior Grange, Youth Grange, Grange Family, Grange heritage, games and crafts, and Grange events. For $14.00 for four issues it is well worth the price. This is one of the best items that has come from the National Grange. If more subscriptions arrive then this magazine will continue. Scuttlebutt is that it may be shelved. This is the best that the National Grange has done and every family should subscribe to it. Forms are in the Granger, invest in this venture. I promise you won’t be sorry!

This year I have decided not to have Community Grange inspections. Last year we had Grange surveys which were well received. Though we will not go to Community Granges, we will visit to see you in action. Keep up the good work that you do, but if you need help call me and I will come or send someone to answer your questions. This year with the new Pomona Granges coming on line there won’t be inspections of Pomona Granges. This year we are sending modified National Grange Leader handbooks to all Community Granges. These handbooks explain the duties of officers, committees, reports required by this State Grange and other informative information for all officers, committee chairpersons and members. Don’t throw them in a desk drawer, read them, make it part of a Lecturer’s program. They will answer most questions officers ask us and can guide everyone to an understanding of the Grange Way.

We are still working on changes in the Northeast Grange events. To date there isn’t a Leader’s Conference. The Northeast Lecturers are not having a conference in August.  The Youth is having a program in July. We are sending people to the mid-Atlantic Leader’s Conference to see how they have combined their conference there.  We in New England are confronted with the cost of these conferences and many Grangers pay for these out of their own pockets and wonder if they are getting the bang for the buck. They want programs that will benefit them not information of local interest. We need to build our leadership program to get new leaders involved in the Grange higher than the community level. If we can’t get new leaders then our Pomona and State Grange will be limited in future leaders. Join the team and get involved. It’s lonely at the top.

March is the month of St. Patrick and many a Grange will be hosting Corned Beef and Cabbage dinners. Get out and support them. Join the friendship and fun of the Irish. Just watch out for the Leprechauns for they will steal your gold and brew.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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