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President's Message
July/August 2010 President's Message

By Robert Sendewicz, Master/President

  JULY / AUGUST 2010 --

Many of the evaluations of the Subordinate and Pomona Granges are in and I am reviewing the reports and tabulating the information. I will be giving a comprehensive report on the state of our Granges in the September issue. This report will also aid our Grange Growth organization in their up-coming endeavors.

Those of you, that were present at the Pink Sash meeting in April, heard a presentation of the program formulated by our Grange Growth Team on their plans and objectives for the future of our Grange. They are now in the process of beginning their project and some of you will be hearing from them shortly and I am sure that at our state session this will be fully laid out for you.

Yesterday was Grange Sunday in Connecticut and I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful turn-out that we had. I realize that there are many choices for how you spend a Sunday in June and I am glad that so many of you chose to support our Grange activities.

Those that attended enjoyed the beautiful spiritual presentation of our State Chaplain, who was assisted by Sister Edith Schoell and Brother Ruel Miller. I hope all will put these teachings to use in their daily lives.

After a delicious lunch, provided by our Youth Department, the fun and entertainment began. I congratulate all those who participated, whether you won or not, for your efforts that made this day a success. Thanks to the efforts of our State Lecturer, Marge Bernhardt, we were entertained and it was fun. I think the results of the judging will appear in this edition.

Since this edition will cover July and August, there will probably be many reminders of up-coming events in the Grange. As you plan your summer activities keep these dates in mind and try to attend as many as possible. From what I saw yesterday, I know many of you enjoy the activities our Order offers. Also, try to include your friends and neighbors in these activities to boost interest in our organization. Let them know what opportunities we offer.

Above all have a safe vacation and always think of the Grange.


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