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President's Message
June 2009 President's Message

By Robert Sendewicz, Master/President

  JUNE 2009 --

Saturday the 25th of April was a great, sunny, hot day and the clean-up of Camp Berger went well. Many thanks to all who came and raked leaves and cleaned out the cabins at the camp. It made the camp look good for the open house on the 17th of May. There are many new members in the Grange who have never been to Camp Berger and I hope they took advantage of the open house to see just how great our camp is.

The dinner at Winchester Grange, that followed the camp clean-up, was well attended and my thanks go out to the members of Winchester Grange who gave up a part of their Saturday to prepare it and serve us. Following the delicious dinner the Pink Sash meeting was held upstairs. I briefed those present on the program that was just completed with the Membership/Leadership director of the National Grange.

Rusty Hunt spent the previous three days in Connecticut. He completed a training session with eight persons, that began last year when I asked him to help us start a program to help struggling Granges in our state.

He did a presentation with one team on Thursday night at Wallingford Grange and a second one with another team at Hemlock Grange on Friday night. The members of both Granges were receptive to his presentations and agreed to work with the teams in the coming months to gain new members. That is the key to the program, for the team to continue working with the Grange where they do the presentation to see that they follow through on the commitments that they make.

The officers and committees that were present reported on the activities they have planned for the rest of the year. You will be able to read about them in your Granger as they come up. I commend the officers and directors for attending as there were very few absent. This shows me and you that our leadership is strong and that they have an interest in having our Grange grow.

Two important dates for this month are Grange Sunday at Goodwill Grange Hall on the 14th of June and the New England Grange Sunday at the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, New Hampshire on the 21st of June. Both are well worth attending and I hope many of you will join Sister Marge and me at them.


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