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Pink Sash Meeting sets course for new Grange Year
  NOVEMBER 1, 2009 --

The Pink Sash meeting of the Connecticut State Grange was held on Sunday, November 1st, beginning at 1:00 PM, with good attendance at Cheshire Grange Hall.

At the start of the afternoon, the various committees of the State Grange met setting their programs, schedules and goals for the upcoming Grange year. The Deputies also met to discuss the changes to the Grange evaluations.

A potluck luncheon was held after the committee meetings, followed by a General Meeting lead by State Master Robert Sendewicz. The State Grange officers that were present reported on what they are planning for the new Grange year.

Sendewicz spoke of the changes in next year's inspections, and a discussion was held regarding suggested changes to next year's Connecticut State Grange Session. He also spoke of the upcoming National Grange Session to be held in Grand Rapids, MI.

It was also announced that the dates for the upcoming Schools of Instruction will be released as soon as plans are finalized.


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