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President's Message
November 2008 President's Report

By Robert Sendewicz, Master/President

  NOVEMBER 2008 --

The past several years of hard work by the Hosting Committee of the Connecticut State Grange will come to fruition later this month when the 142nd Annual session of the National Grange meets in Cromwell, Connecticut. The planning has taken every aspect of the session into account and we believe all will go well. It will be here the week of November 10th to the 16th so come and be a part of this great event. At its completion there will be a giant sigh of relief in the state.
Our own 124th Annual Session is now history. Some of the events that happened will be in this issue. Although we have a short break between State and National sessions our work will begin in earnest on the 22nd of November. That is the date that I am calling for a Pink Sash meeting.
It will be at Cheshire Grange hall and the Deputies and Committees of the State Grange will meet at 12:00 P.M. There will also be a regional meeting of the CWA Committee at 1:00 P.M. so many of you can get in two meetings in one day.
All Committee Chair-persons should make plans with their members for the coming years activities so they can be finalized at this meeting and the information gotten to the printer, for the Blue Book, as soon as possible.  Some time after 2:00 P.M. we will have lunch, sandwiches, cupcakes and cookies and hopefully by 3:00 we can have the general meeting. The luncheon and general meeting are open to all who want to attend. This is your State Grange and you should be interested in what it is doing.
Once again the Connecticut State Grange mourns the passing of one of its Past Voting Delegates. Sister Peg Prelli entered the Great Grange Above at the end of September. We all send our condolences to the Prelli family. Sister Prelli was a long time member of the staff of this newspaper and did much to guarantee its existence into the future. She will be missed by all.
As we all remember our loved ones this holiday season Sister Marge and I wish all a Happy and Joyous Thanksgiving. Please remember those less fortunate than ourselves.


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