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From The Historian's Desk
We were “Dared to Do”

By Edith Schoell, State Historian

  NOVEMBER 2009 --

In reviewing history it sometimes is nice to recall what messages have been given to our Fraternity. If you have been attending State Sessions "for years" you will recall High Priest of Demeter, Woody Tucker enjoined us to "Dare to do." And it is fitting to take a portion of Duane Wetmore's comments to remind us of our task ahead.

"You and I must decide in which direction we want the Grange to go and the convictions that will make it possible to attain these goals. Do you want to continue the ideas and ideals that have been followed for so many years, or are you ready to make changes as we prepare to go into the twenty-first century.... let us take the new ideas with a good road map, to show us the direction and be totally committed to see the journey to completion. In our journey so far, we have had to overcome obstacles in our pathway, and the future will undoubtedly be no different. But the future is our to mold as we see fit, if we but, "Dare to do." The door to the future is about to open for all of us, and while it may appear to be too big and heavy for you to open by yourself, if we all work hard, we can open it together. Once the first door is opened, you might be surprised how easy it will be to open each succeeding door and how gratifying the end results will be."


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