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President's Message
President's Message: Northeast Youth Conf.

By George Russell, CT State Grange President

  August 1, 2019 --

As I am writing this report, we are finally getting some dry weather and 90˚ temperatures so it’s feeling more like summer. The Connecticut State Grange has just completed hosting the Northeast Youth Conference which was held at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT. There were 30 people that attended the conference for the weekend. Dawn Anstett (Youth Director) put together the program for the weekend. She did an excellent job and hopefully everyone had a good time. I know Dawn will have the winners of the contest in her report. Thank you again Dawn for doing such a great job with this conference. The dorms where most people stayed were not far from Gampel Pavilion where the UConn Men’s and Women’s basketball teams play their home games. Some of the comments I heard were that the food in the cafeteria was good and they had UConn ice cream with every meal! This year the Connecticut State Grange hosted the Northeast Leaders’ Conference and the Northeast Youth Conference. Now that these are behind us, we can focus more on Connecticut State Grange activities.

The Connecticut State Grange annual session will be held on October 17-19, so you should start preparing your Honor Grange applications to be sent in by September 15. I’ll be looking forward to receiving your Honor Grange applications. Your Grange Community Service Reports will be due on September 1st. Please send them to the Overseer, Noel Miller. Check your information packets that Todd sent out for other dates for applications and contests that are due. I’m hoping that all Granges will be represented at this year’s state session. This is also the time your Granges should be working on resolutions to be sent to the State Office.

Sharon and I are planning to attend the Northeast Lecturer’s Conference, sponsored by the Massachusetts State Grange in Dover, MA. It will be held Aug. 5-7. We will have a report on that in our September issue.

There are several Grangers who have not returned their self-inspection reports. Please get them to me as soon as possible. If you haven’t turned in your Executive Committee report to the General Deputy or State Master, we need that report. Thank you to those who have responded.

To all the members of the Connecticut State Grange: have a great summer and remember the old saying, “Let’s make hay while the sun shines.”



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