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President's Message
Sandy Hook aftermath

By Jody A. Cameron, Connecticut State Grange President

  MARCH 3, 2013 --

None of us can imagine how everyone in Newtown’s lives has changed since the morning of December 14th.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy.  I understand how vulnerable this event has made many feel, but we cannot heal from this tragedy if we hastily and emotionally implement laws and regulations without examining how and why such an event happens.

I recently had the opportunity to meet a Grange member whose spouse works at Sandy Hook Elementary School and as I spoke with him I understood how important the current debate now going on in our state and nation regarding gun control is.  There was an immediate call for bans on all assault weapons.  People panicked and gun sales skyrocketed in anticipation of what everyone expects to be sweeping new regulations, bans and controls.  

I challenge everyone to approach this subject intellectually and not emotionally.  There are far more factors to this tragedy than gun control.  While I agree there is a need for this debate, I caution our legislators to preserve the intent of the 2nd Amendment.  I urge our legislators to look at the mental health issue one poses to plan and execute a horrific act such as this past December.  I urge our legislators to work closely with all educational institutions in Connecticut to develop robust security plans and policies that insures the safety of our children while not creating a “prison” atmosphere.  I urge our legislators to strengthen the penalty for anyone convicted of planning and or executing such a vicious act.  

Nothing can change what happened on December 14th, but we can ensure such an act doesn’t happen again.


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