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President's Message
February 2010 President's Message

By Robert Sendewicz, Master/President

  FEBRUARY 2010 --

Most of the schools of instruction have been completed. The dates for the remaining three are listed on this website. If you missed the one in your Pomona there is still a chance to catch one. I hope the information that was presented helped you to better understand the workings and goals of the Grange. As always the question and answer period was the most active and informative, even to me.

All Granges should now have several copies of the state directory, blue books and a copy of the state legislative policies. This should be given to the Legislative Chairman. Please use these books. The information in them is invaluable. One comment I have heard is "my phone no. in the directory is wrong and it was wrong last year to". My response is did you notify the State Secretary so it can be corrected? If you didn't it will still be wrong next year.

When I mentioned to use the books I hope the Master will bring the pink book, he received at the State Session last year, to some meetings to discuss some of the resolutions and other activities that take place at the session. Information will keep your members interested.

Another activity that took place in January was the North East Leaders Conference, which was held in Brattleboro, VT. Any news, ideas or information from that conference will be discussed in the March edition. Later this month Sister Marge and I will be on our way to Orlando, FL for the State Master's Conference. It will be nice to get out of this weather for a few days. I'm a little nervous though because of the flying experiences I've had the last two times we went to the Master's Conference. Besides that the weather is not that great. We will see what happens.

There is a lot happening this time of year but all these conferences have valuable leadership workshops and useful instructions to better prepare us to avoid or handle problems in our State Grange. We in Connecticut have received much training from National Grange and we will start using what we have learned to aid our Community Granges to improve themselves and we will continue to use the National program to train more leaders.

All of the information and news that is acquired at these meetings will be passed on to you, probably through this our fine newspaper. If you do not receive the paper subscribe now.


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