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President's Message
Will you help lead us?

By Jody A. Cameron, Connecticut State Grange President

  MAY 3, 2013 --

Webster’s Dictionary defines Leadership as:

•The office, position or function of a leader.

•The quality of character and personality giving a person the ability to gain confidence of and lead others.

•The people who serve as leaders of a group.

These are all true, but to be a leader it takes more than just what is outlined in the above definition.  A leader develops other leaders, and empowers everyone to attain the highest rank of their calling.  A Leader, as difficult as it can be, finds a way to bridge the gaps of opinions and frustrations ensuring everyone is given an equal voice and granted the right of appeal courteously in a safe and controlled manner.  This is not always easy, especially when opinion may differ from yours.  

A leader lets other leaders lead!   What do I mean by this, a leader ensures and entrusts authority, responsibility and accountability to all; and is there for support as a mentor, guiding and assisting along the way.  A leader applauds and heralds the accomplishments of the team, and accepts responsibility for the short comings when needed.  A leader always looks at the big picture, looking into the future, relying on history to guide us to a better tomorrow.  

Will you help lead us into tomorrow?


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