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Stafford Grange picnic celebrates season with friends and family

By Wally Robinson, ReminderNews

  AUGUST 2009 --

The members may be getting older, their membership numbers are dwindling, and for most, their farming days are behind them. But their friendships, their sense of family and shared experiences remain strong for members of the Stafford and North Central Pomona Granges.
About two dozen members and their families all got together on Sunday, Aug. 16, for Stafford Grange annual picnic at Bradway's Grove on Bradway Road in Staffordville. It was an afternoon of swimming, fishing, games, food and drink on a beautiful summer day.

Not surprisingly, Milo Bradway was on hand. The Grove has been in his family "forever," they say, and he's been a Grange member a long time, too. "Sixtyfive years now," he said proudly. "We've still got 42 members here in Stafford, and we're always hopeful of attracting new members now that there's the trend toward locally-grown produce. Those people will need a voice, just like we did in the old days."

The picnic was a potluck affair, with the Grange providing hot dogs and homemade ice cream.

The next Stafford Grange meeting is Sept. 15. For more information, contact Milo Bradway at (860) 684-4748.

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