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Public Relations Tips and Ideas
How can my Grange be newsworthy?
  NOVEMBER 2010 --

The first step for getting noticed by the media is to be newsworthy. As the Grange is a community-based, service-oriented organization, you’ve got a head start. Your community service work, events, programs, and benefit to your community, are inherently newsworthy. You are already doing great work for the public good.

To be considered newsworthy, the work of your Grange must have a broad, general interest to the target audience. With that comes a strong news angle (i.e.: material information, new development, human interest, local angle, consequence, etc.). No matter how well a press release, news article, etc. is written, if the subject is uninteresting, stale or doesn’t matter, that news release or article will go into the garbage.

Don’t be shy and be creative. Your local newspaper may print every story submitted but a larger paper, radio, television, magazine or website may have plenty to choose from so you will need to stand out. How is my Grange newsworthy? Think of what catches your attention in the news and begin a list of possibilities, considering these ideas:

• How can you connect to something that is in the news now?

• Are you willing to do something a bit different or even outrageous - create your own news?

• Could you profile someone who is really interesting or has accomplished the extraordinary?

• Look at the needs of your community - how can your Grange be a facilitator or supporter?

Granges need to continually work to identify new and innovative opportunities to meet the needs of each of the communities and the people they serve.


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