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CT State Grange honored in Congressional Record

By Terri Fassio, Public Relations Co-Director

  DECEMBER 5, 2010 --

The Connecticut State Grange has been formally recognized in the Congressional Record by U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, D-CT, calling the organization "an integral part of our states’ efforts to preserve farmland, support rural communities and maintain the idyllic charm that is such an important part of New England’s past."

Organized in June 1885, the Connecticut State Grange is celebrating its 125th anniversary.  Originally formed to help farmers recover from the ravages of the Civil War, the Grange is constantly evolving and making new contributions to the State of Connecticut through the efforts of its members in the nearly 60 rural and non-rural communities it serves.  Local Granges are committed to bettering their communities through agricultural initiatives, advocating legislation, service projects and sponsoring family oriented activities. 

"I am honored that Congressman Courtney thought enough of the Connecticut State Grange to bestow this honor," said Connecticut State Grange President Jody Cameron as he extended his gratitude to Congressman Courtney.  "I'd like to thank him for recognizing the important role the Connecticut State Grange plays within our communities across the state." 

Congressman Courtney, a West Hartford native, was recently elected to a third Congressional term in the United States House of Representatives.  He represents Connecticut's 2nd District, which is comprised of 65 towns in the Eastern part of the State. Known for his bi-partisan manner, Courtney is respected for his work to strengthen and expand jobs and business opportunities within his region.

Gordon Gibson, Legislative Liaison for the Connecticut State Grange, was made aware of the December 2 statement when he received a phone call from Congressional staffer John Hollay, a Legislative Assistant in Congressman Courtney's office.  "It's a very nice honor," Gibson said. "This shows how Representative Courtney sees the importance of preserving the quality of agricultural life in eastern Connecticut."  

The Congressional honor comes at a time when the Connecticut State Grange and the Granges across the state are experiencing a heightened level of enthusiasm. 

"The Grange in Connecticut is thriving," Cameron said.  "As proud as we are of our history, it is the hard work, dedication and pride of the members that build upon our foundation.  With these strengths, we have nothing but growth in our future."

The Congressional Record statement reads:

MR. COURTNEY. Madame Speaker, I rise today to honor the Connecticut State Grange on their 125th anniversary.

The National Grange, also known as the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, is the nation's oldest national agricultural organization, with local chapter established in 2,700 local communities in 40 states. The Connecticut Grange has been one of the most active, continuously operating since 1885. In Connecticut the Grange has been an integral part of our states’ efforts to preserve farmland, support rural communities and maintain the idyllic charm that is such an important part of New England’s past. 

The Grange has always welcomed farming families to involve themselves in the betterment of rural life and to contribute to its welfare by talent, thought, strength and willingness to labor heartily with fellow Patrons for the general good of the order and of mankind.  The Grange’s focus on community service, family activities and agricultural causes reflects well on the countless farmers who strive to preserve America’s pastoral traditions. In eastern Connecticut, the Grange has a long and storied past supporting communities, maintaining our rural heritage and promoting the agricultural ideals that serve as the backbone of our country.

Not only is the Grange the oldest and one of the strongest farm organizations in America, it is the only farmers’ fraternity in the world.  The precepts of this farm-family fraternity are fourfold:  (1) We should work toward a more prosperous agriculture; (2) Improve practical education; (3) Super-size community life and citizenship; and (4) Build higher ideals of manhood and womanhood among ourselves. With a strong faith in God, a nurturing hope, a focus on charity, and faithfulness to duty, the Granger continues to make rural life more desirable.

Members of the Grange have adopted the following creed; “United by the strong and faithful tie of agriculture, we mutually resolve to labor for the good of our order, our country and mankind.” Madame Speaker, I believe those are words we can all live by, and so I ask my colleagues to join with me, and the people of Connecticut, in recognizing the Connecticut State Grange on their 125th anniversary.


NOTE:  A PDF File of the Congressional Record document can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the link and saving the document -- http://www.ctstategrange.org/pdfs/legislative/CSG-CongRec-12-2010.pdf

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