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Colchester Grange reaches out to community

By Ryan Blessing, Norwich Bulletin (12/8/10)

  DECEMBER 10, 2010 --

Colchester Grange 78 members have a long history of reaching out to the community. For years members provide a monthly game day at the local health care facility. After the games are played the members visit with the residents. For the last year they have carried it a step further. A core group visit people in their home environment. The program has been very exciting for both the home-bound person and the visitor.

If people in the community would like to become involved and have a member visit their loved one they can contact the following people. Eve at (860) 267-7595, Joan at (860) 228-4132 or Cathy at (860) 887-9621. The visitor will visit a home for one hour and have friendly conversation, play cards or do a small craft. The group will also go to the library to take out books for the home-bound person. Both the home-bound person and visitor have policies and procedures to follow.

Colchester Grange 78 conducts many programs to help others in the community, and they continue to support the community in many ways.

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