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Rally shows fun, inspirational side of the Grange

By Terri Fassio, Public Relations Co-Director

  APRIL 6, 2011 --

Humorous videos, singing frogs, fun interactive activities and inspirational messages entertained the standing-room-only crowd at the Connecticut State Grange Rally. Held at Cheshire Grange Hall on Sunday, April 3, Grange spirit was contagious as enthusiasm filled the room.  

Connecticut State Grange President Jody Cameron was energized by the support of those in attendance.  "To see a standing-room-only crowd is evidence we are offering the programming our members are looking for," he said.  "Their response has set the bar higher for all other activities." 

Cameron started the days activities with a report on Grange membership, encouraging attendees to embrace the importance of growth within the organization.  He has set a goal for membership growth within Connecticut to double within four years time. There are 58 Community Granges across Connecticut.  If each Community Grange brings in just one new member a month, the goal is achieved.

"We are seeing greater interest in our Granges, and as we continue to develop and refine our programming, I am confident we will exceed our goal," Cameron explained.

Laughter exploded as the Public Relations committee presented a series of five humorous yet motivational video "breaking news" segments at various points throughout the rally, with an underlying theme showing how the word "Me" is in the word "Team."  Then a fun number was presented involving the group singing like frogs.  Attendees also engaged in an interactive activity developing "short speeches" on how they would describe the Grange organization to someone they met in an elevator, and participated in numbers by various Grange committees.

Cameron closed the afternoon with an inspirational presentation titled "The Power of One" which included an activity called “Ten Ambitious Members.”  He explained the important role each individual has within the organization, and how when brought together as a group working towards a goal, success is achieved.  Cameron feels that the Connecticut State Grange Rally offered a family-fun atmosphere and was a big hit with all who attended.

"When the 'Power of One' is unleashed amazing results are obtained - stronger teams, more influential programming, better leadership and most important, the true feeling you made a difference," said Cameron. "Nothing can stop us when the power of one is transformed into the power of many." 

For more information on the Connecticut State Grange and its activities, please visit their website at www.CTStateGrange.org.

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