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Tolland Grange Building Up For Sale

By Jayme Kunze, Tolland Patch (2/23/12)

  FEBRUARY 23, 2012 --

The Tolland Grange meeting place is up for sale, according to grange member Joyce Jordan.

The building, which was built in 1880, became the headquarters for the community service-focused group in 1959 when it was the Federated Church of Tolland, Jordan said.

The building is in need of a new roof and furnace repairs, but would be ideal for another non-profit organization. 

Tolland Grange is probably best known for its recycling program that ran from 1970 to 1986. Residents would bring their recyclables to the grange building and members would transport huge amounts of newspapers, glass, etc. to Willimantic once a month, Jordan said. 

The Tolland Grange was established in 1886, Jordan said. Nationwide, there are 2,700 grange chapters, according to a Connecticut State Grange pamphlet.

For more information on the grange building, call Joyce Jordan at (860) 875-1926.


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