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Colchester Grange donates a Goat to Haiti

By Joan Toomey & Catherine Russi

  MARCH 11, 2012 --

Last October Colchester Grange #78 took part in National Make A Difference Day.  The program was coordinated by Cathy Russi with children at St. Andrew Church.  The goal was to help those in need in Haiti. 

Many items were collected and the Colchester Grange made a contribution of $150 to purchase a goat.  The goat that is purchased is a pregnant goat and provides so much help to those in need.  A goat provides food in the form of milk and cheese and will also provide protein.  The program is a sustainable solution to feeding the hungry, as it provides more than just one meal.

Colchester Grange hopes to spread the word to others to show positive results in a country in need of so much.  The group looks forward to next October to hopefully continue with their support to a country in need.

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