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Winchester Grange November Musings

By Todd Gelineau, Winchester Grange President

  NOVEMBER 12, 2012 --

By this reading the Winchester Grange Cookie Walk & Holiday Bazaar should be over.  We hope we didn’t have disruption due to the “Frankenstorm” that was predicted early the week of the Bazaar.  It was exactly a year ago, that our Bazaar was canceled due to over two feet of snow and power outages throughout the area.

It was great to have past Lecturer Terri Fassio with us for our second October meeting to present the Halloween program.  Her jokes were as corny as ever but the program was very entertaining.

Congratulations to Winchester Grange for receiving First Place in the Deputies’ Ritual Challenge this year and for achieving Gold Honor Grange status for the year.  Both awards were earned by a lot of hard work.

We congratulate Sister Kim Mele on being reelected Ceres of the State Grange and the many appointed pink sash officers in Winchester Grange who have been given another two years in their various positions with the reelection of their “boss” State Master Jody Cameron.

After our Nov. 3 Bazaar we look forward to our Nov. 13 meeting which will be preceded by a potluck supper.  Please join us if you can!


Nov. 13: Daylight Saving Ends - Elections ARE OVER, Potluck Supper at 6 P.M., Food Collection now through Christmas

Nov. 27:  Thank You World, Ref. by Men & Todd Gelineau

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