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Mountain Cty. Pomona July News Update

By Todd Gelineau

  JULY 11, 2013 --

Mountain County finished off the season with flourish before going on our annual summer vacation.  On June 2 we held an open house for the revitalization of Litchfield Grange.  Unfortunately no one from outside of the Grange attended the event, most likely to the confusion following its postponement earlier in the winter due to the Blizzard of 2013!  The State Grange is now working on a plan to recruit new members for this Grange.

As reported last time, we changed our Spring Gift Drawing into a Spring Gift Card Drawing with a very good profit realized.  We thank the officers for donating the money to purchase the cards and the members and friends who purchased tickets.  It’s our only real fundraiser for the year and we appreciate the support.

The drawing was held at our June 24 meeting at Eureka Grange which also featured Election of Officers.  George Russell remains in the Master’s chair while Susan Addison moved over to Pomona and Kim Mele takes her place as Lecturer.  The plan, at this writing is to have the Grange hosting Pomona’s meeting (other than on Degree and Installation nights) will be asked to provide a program.  We’ll see how it goes!  Peter Keefe also takes on the job of Assistant Steward from Todd Gelineau who has been appointed Assistant Secretary.

Our next meeting will be our Installation in September.  Details in the next issue.

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