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Connecticut Granges publish Cookbooks

By Todd Gelineau

  JULY 27, 2013 --

Three Community Granges have recently published or will be publishing books full of delicious recipes from their members.  The details follow. Has your Grange published a cookbook?  Let us know and we’ll promote it in the Granger and on the CT State Grange website!

Winchester Grange Recipe Book

Winchester Grange has recently published its 125th Anniversary Commemorative Recipe Book filled with family recipes and photos from the Grange’s history.  

The cost is only $12 per Recipe Book, and they are available at all upcoming Winchester Grange events.

For more information, contact Winchester Grange President Todd Gelineau at 860-626-0326, via e-mail at info@winchestergrange.org or visit our website at http://www.WinchesterGrange.org.


Enfield Cookbook

Enfield Grange is excited to announce that our Grange has just published a wonderful cookbook loaded with great family recipes. This is our big fundraiser and we will use the profit made from the sales to further our charitable works. The cost is $12.00.  Please contact Irene Percoski at perkigirl35@cox.net if you would like one of our wonderful books.


Cawasa Grange plans Cookbook

Cawasa Grange is planning to publish a new Cookbook.  This book will also have some recipes from our Grangers from long ago.  We recently received a Cawasa cookbook from a friend and it is not dated but goes back to when Don Root was our Master.

It has wonderful recipes from people you would remember:  Gerri MacLaurin, Agda Erickson, Hazel Swenson, Rae B. Smith. Edith Johnson (Ruth and Minnie's Mother), Leona Dobrick and so forth.

We will have some of the "Old" recipes in this new cookbook also.

We are collecting recipes from our Members, so if you would like to send some to the Secretary, please do.

Please send to:

Maggie Schofield
23 Thayer Ave
Collinsville, CT 06019-3023


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