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2-4-5 Club held its 63rd Annual Meeting
  JULY 22, 2013 --

The 245 Club held its 63rd annual meeting as guests of Old Lyme Grange on May 31.  Over the years the club has dwindled from the many Granges “east of the river” who met on the 2nd and 4th Fridays to just three, but we are alive and well.  The profits from our Country Store and the collection are donated to a worthy cause voted on by the membership.  This year the $52 will go to the C.S.G. Foundation.  An attractive blue and gold banner, made by a Sister Lawton from Highland Grange in 1957, is presented each year to the Grange having the highest attendance for the meeting (shown by Bill Sanborn).  Hemlock Grange retains the banner for another year.  Next year we  meet at N. Stonington on May 30th.  Visitors are always welcome.

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