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Gertrude Wilson: A Grange Member of 75 Years & Counting

By Bill Bittar, Editor, Monroe Patch (8/26/13)

  AUGUST 27, 2013 --

Gertrude Wilson, 92, joined the Housatonic Grange that her parents were involved in when she was a 16-year-old growing up in Stratford. The Shelton resident is now the most senior member of Harmony Grange in Monroe.

"My brother and sister were members also," Wilson said Saturday, when she attended Harmony Grange's annual Agriculture Fair & Bake Sale.

"I think it's a family organization where everybody works together to do community work with an agricultural background," Wilson said. "Years ago, practically everybody was a farmer, but now it's changed. But we still need farms to eat."

Years ago, she had married Robert Wilson, a farmer in Shelton, and joined the Far Mill River Grange in Huntington and that Grange later merged with Harmony Grange.

Wilson has now been a Grange member for 75 years.

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