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Harmony Grange: Proof that We Are a Farming Community

By Bill Bittar, Editor, Monroe Patch (8/26/13)

  AUGUST 26, 2013 --

Fresh produce and plant supplies sold at Harmony Grange's annual Agriculture Fair & Bake Sale Saturday showcased all Monroe's farming businesses have to offer.

Gail Bunovsky, a Harmony Grange member, said her son Keith's business, TLC Wholesale Nursery, supplies communities throughout the region, including New York and Boston.

"That's why we do it, to promote the farms," she said of the fair. "This is proof that we are a farming community."

Patrick O'Hara, who owns O'Hara's Nursery in Monroe and had drafted Monroe's Farm Ordinance, participated in the fair.

"It's obvious that agriculture is alive and well in Monroe," O'Hara said.

Scott Mason of Mason's Farm Market donated six ornamental cornstalks to the fair and Bunovsky said it sold out for $15 a piece.

Other local businesses involved in the fair were Benedict's Home & Garden, Blue Spruce Farm, Jones' Tree Farm, Pondview Farm, Twombly Nursery, Smith Farm, High Rock Farm, Out Front Feed and Waterview Farm.

Jay Dubac of Jay's Firewood & Tree Service did wood carving displays.

Harmony Grange and other grange's in the country promote and advocate for agricultural interests. The annual fair is one of Harmony Grange's main fundraisers.

"As an integral part of the business and farming community of Monroe, we believe that it is crucial that local agriculture businesses and pursuits be supported and protected," Keith Bunovsky said. "Today's grass roots movement toward organic farming and farmers markets where local growers and farmers can sell their products is evidence of this need. The community benefits with fresher, healthier and higher quality products, whether it be dairy, eggs, vegetables or ornamental nursery plants."

Bunovsky spoke of the importance of getting young people interested in pursuing careers in agriculture.

"We all benefit from local farming," he said. "Let's work together and promote local agriculture. It is appreciated that Harmony Grange of Monroe is a supporter of local agriculture."

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