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Winchester Grange February 2014 Musings

By Todd Gelineau, Winchester Grange President

  FEBRUARY 7, 2014 --

It’s been quiet at Winchester Grange for the last month or two but all of that will be changing soon!  Officers and members gathered at Secretary Sue Addison’s house on Jan. 24 for a Planning Meeting.  Thanks to Sue for hosting us and providing the great refreshments.

The productive meeting resulted in a full schedule of events and activities for the year with something in each month, with the exception of Feb. & July.  Among the new activities will be a Grange Month display in Winsted (in the planning stages) and the laying of the groundwork for Winter Farmers’ Markets beginning at the end of the year.  Fundraising is an especially critical issue for our Grange with a very expensive facility to maintain, insure and operate.   Greater emphasis will be placed on hall rentals this year and anyone interested in using the hall should contact Master Todd Gelineau at info@winchestergrange.org or by calling (860) 626-0326 for more information.

The goals and requirements of the State Grange Honor Grange program and the National Grange Distinguished Grange program were reviewed at this meeting with nearly all of the requirements covered – with the exception of NEW MEMBERS!  We have been fortunate to have several new members each of the last several years--- how many will join this year?  It’s up to all of us!

For those wanting to fill in their new calendars, the tentative dates for several of our recurring events have been set:  Cabin Fever Craft & Bake Sale, Mar. 29; Super Prize Party, Apr. 25; Spring Tag Sale, May. 24; and Strawberry Festival, Father’s Day, June 15.


Feb. 11:  Be My Valentine/Country Store, Ref. Sue Addison

Feb. 25:  Cherry Trees and Wooden Teeth, Ref. Meles

Mar. 11;  Luck of the Irish

Mar. 25:  CWA Program

Mar. 29:  Cabin Fever Craft & Bake Sale, 9 to 2

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