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Mountain Cty. Pomona April 2014 News Update

By Todd Gelineau

  APRIL 21, 2014 --

The next meeting of Mountain County Pomona will be conferral of the Fifth Degree preceded by a meal prepared by the members of Winchester Grange.  The cost of the meal is $5.00 and will be served beginning at 6 P.M.  ALL GRANGES are asked to let the Master or this correspondent know if you have candidates to receive the degree prior to May 10 so we can plan accordingly.  The degree will be conferred in either case because of Inspection.

The March meeting of Pomona was held on its new regular day, the third Saturday beginning at 4  P.M. at Riverton Grange.  While it would have been nice to have more members with us, it was still a nice afternoon with a great potluck supper following the business meeting.

A resolution was presented at this meeting in relation to the School of Instruction held in February.  At that meeting it was concluded that members of the Pomona would like to spend more time working on their Community Granges and that if re-districting was necessary, then it may not be desirable to continue with Pomonas in this state.  The resolution calls for the elimination of Pomonas while an additional resolution from New Haven County Pomona calls for the re-districting of all Pomonas in Connecticut.  While it likely will not pass the Pomona or State, it is important that the role of Pomona and its relationship with Community Granges be discussed by all members.  To this end, the resolution was tabled for the next meeting of Pomona (or the June meeting if there are candidates for the degree).  Please discuss this important topic in your own Community Granges and be sure to have at least one member represent your Grange at the next meeting of Pomona to convey the opinions of your Grange.


May 12:  Fifth Degree at Winchester Grange, 7:30 P.M. (Dinner at 6:00 P.M.)

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