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Do You Remember: Raymond and Marion Comstock

By Betty Jane Gardiner

  AUGUST 15, 2014 --

Do you remember Raymond and Marion Comstock whose Grange career covered many years of working in a number of states?

They met at a Grange meeting in Rhode Island where Marion took special interest in a young man who was greeting folks at the door.  Guess he noticed her as well because it wasn’t long before they became man and wife!

They lived in Manchester and were active in Grange.  At one time they moved to California where Ray got a job with an aircraft company.  They came back to the East Coast and settled in Connecticut where they belonged to several Granges – Cheshire became their Grange home where they served long and hard for the Order.  Marion loved to move.  She often said she would do so at the drop of a hat.  In later years they owned a beautiful mobile home that made things easier– their home just went right along with them.

In Cheshire, they filled many offices and committees.  Both were Master of the Grange – Marion held the honor of being the first lady to fill the position in the long history of Cheshire Grange.

Marion was a wonderful cook and needlework person.  At one time she compiled two cookbooks- one of family recipes- the other her own special favorites.  She presented copies of the cookbooks to members of the family – even the grandchildren.

Over the years Marion won countless awards for her needlework skills.  Early in their marriage Ray suffered an illness which required a long period of recuperation.  He was ready to “climb the walls” and finally asked her if she could show him how to make something.  She taught him to knit and crochet.  He was a fast learner and soon she was telling everyone she had “created a monster” when some of his entries in the various fairs would take higher places than hers.  They both took places in the CWA contests.  Ray decided his goal was to place at the National level.  He tried hard.  One year (I wish I could find someone who can remember the actual date) he designed and knitted a wonderful Indian doll which easily took first in the state judging and went on to National.  We all felt it would do well!  It did!  It won first place in the adult toy class.  Everyone was delighted.  We know Ray (and Marion) were very proud!!!  To our dismay all of the publicity sent out for National announced that the 1st place winner in the adult class of the National Stuffed Toy Contest was Raymond CORNSTALK of Connecticut.  Ray was a good sport about it – but it must have been a great disappointment to achieve his goal under an assumed name.

The day came when the Comstocks decided to move to Florida.  They became very active in the Grange there.  Marion became State CWA Director.

Ray loved going on bicycle trips with Florida friends but Marion didn’t have a good sense of balance so she couldn’t go- until son Dick, and daughter-in-law Heidi gave her a beautiful three wheel bike.  How she enjoyed that bike!  There was a time in her life when she broke her leg and had to ride around in a wheelchair!  The bike was better!

There came a time many of their Grange (and other) friends had gone and they decided to leave Florida and return to Connecticut- so it was back to work in Cheshire!  Marion was called from us- and Ray spent the rest of his days living at the Baptist Church Home keeping active to the end.

Do Remember the Comstocks!

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