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Ekonk honors members

By Sue Gray, Ekonk Grange Secretary

  MAY 2008 -- We had a wonderful afternoon on Sunday, April 20 at Ekonk!  Sister Hazel Opperman was in attendance to receive her 75 year certificate of membership!  Her three children and seven other family members were in attendance to honor her!  Her certificate was presented by Russell Gray, who also presented her with her 50 year certificate at Plainfield Grange 25 years ago!
He also presented his mother-in-law, Marion R. Emmons, with her 65 year seal of membership ~ twelve of her family members were present, representing four generations of Ekonk Grange members!  Doris Desjardins received her 60 year seal from Russell.  10 members of her family attended!  He also presented his Uncle, Henry G. Moon, with his 60 year seal.  Henry is 93 years old and was brought by his son, Neal and his wife, Mary Ann.

Jody Cameron presented Sister Doris Murray with her 60 year seal ~ her husband, Frank, also came.  Jody  then presented Alton Exley with his 55 year seal, Marie (his wife) with her Golden Sheaf certificate and their two youngest daughters, Jane Exley Eaton and Jill Exley Renaud with their 25 year certificates.  Alton presented Marie with a 50 year pin and the two girls were given 25 year pins, from long time family friend, Elmer Tanner (now deceased).

Past Master, Albert K. Frink, would have received his 60 year seal, but he died April 15th.
Others earning awards and unable to attend included: Charles Gray, Fred Miller and George Turner (all 70 years); Dorothy Miller (65 years); Bruce Lindberg & Mildred Stearns (50 years) and David Hunt (25 years).
The awards ceremonies followed a delicious roast pork luncheon.

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