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June News Update for Mountain County Pomona

By Todd Gelineau

  June 21, 2017 --

June 26: Meeting at Taghhannuck Grange, 7:30 P.M.

Mountain County held its last conferral of the Fifth Degree for Inspection at our May 8 meeting with Cindy Charbonneau as inspecting Deputy. We thank her and Brother Bob for trekking to Winchester from Meriden on a Monday night.

Our next meeting will be held at Taghhannuck Grange Hall just off of Route 4 in the Ellsworth section of Sharon (Dunbar Rd.). There are few turns on the trip out to Sharon but the scenery is well worth the trip (as is the Grange meeting at the other end). Please join us.

We would love to see you. For those members of Pomona who have not been to a meeting in a while and are not certain of what will be happening with their memberships come October, the answer is simple. All members who are currently on the rolls of Mountain County Pomona will automatically become members of the new Pomona which has jurisdiction over your particular Subordinate Grange. Additionally, all members of the new members become Charter Members of these Pomona Granges as they are being created under brand new charters. It’s an exciting time for the long-term health of Connecticut ’ s Pomona Granges and we would love to see more of our members become more active in the organization.

The excitement for new Pomona Granges is bittersweet as it also means that Mountain County Pomona, as it has existed for the last 129 years will close come October 31. The memories of Mountain County will still be there, of course. If we are all able to carry the “spirit” of Mountain County to our new Pomona(s), then the new Pomona Granges will be that much more successful. Our Pomona has a long and storied run that will go down in Grange history as a training ground for many of Connecticut’s leaders through the decades The names of Beecher, Prelli, Peck, Ives, and many others are examples of the great people who have risen through the ranks to become leaders in the Pomona, State and National Granges.

Our last meeting as a Pomona will be held on September 11. The location will be determined at our June 26 meeting and will be printed here in the following Granger issue. We would love to close the Pomona with a full hall that evening.

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