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May 2018 News from Wallingford Grange

By Dan Lauttenbach

  May 20, 2018 --

May 10: Spring Gardening – Program by Dan

May 12: Our Annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale! This is the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

May 24: Anniversary Night

Our last meeting prior to our March 28 meeting was a business meeting on January 11, 2018. It has been challenging to schedule meetings that everyone can attend without being snowed out.

On March 28 everyone who attended the meeting was handed a vegetable planting guide specifically for Zone 6; roughly for the Hartford-New Haven area. There was a column of dates for seed starting plants indoors and another column for when to bring the plants outdoors and/or planting seeds outside. For the most planting is after May 15.

Jim Lamoureux talked about the CT Ag Fairs spring meeting. As everyone has heard, the State of Connecticut has budget problems and there is basically no money for animal testing that the state ought to be doing. The association offered to donate $3,000 to make up for the gap in animal testing for our fairs. He also brought with him two boxes of fair brochures. This year’s brochure is half the size as last year’s. This resulted in a savings that will be applied to TV ads advertising our fairs. Some other notes, local fairs will now be called Grange Fairs starting in next year’s brochures. We discussed some of the ways the state is trying to collect more funds such as adding tolls to the interstates and the $20 addition to your car registration for State Parks. I also mentioned that most of the Wildlife Management Areas are supported by hunters; yet according to Connecticut Wildlife magazine the number of active hunters has dropped 13% in the last 7 years following a national trend. So there is real concern how these areas will be funded given the dwindling funding from the state and the number of active hunters.



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