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Due to State COVID Mandates - CALL Before Attending Grange Events


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June 2020 News from Winchester Grange No. 74

By Todd Gelineau

  June 16, 2020 --

The person who first said “no news is good news” never anticipated the situation we all find ourselves in right now! Through an email discussion among our members in April, it was decided Winchester Grange would cancel the Strawberry Festival which was scheduled for Father’s Day and the Grange Fair and Flea Market scheduled for August. The social distancing requirements and the sanitation needs to hold these events would have been difficult and the risk to the health of our members and guests would have been much too great.

The annual Winchester Center Day is still scheduled for September. Decisions regarding this event will likely be made by the four organizations (including the Grange) that sponsor as the summer goes on and we know more about how the virus will be impacting us in September.

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