Tuesday, December 07, 2021
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Jan 2021 News from Winchester Grange No. 74

By Todd Gelineau

  January 22, 2021 --

Jan. 26: Virtual Meeting on Zoom Greetings from WINDchester! One of our Past Chaplains always affectionately and jokingly referred to Winchester as WINDchester and it is fairly accurate! The new generator is now installed, connected and ready for whatever Mother Nature brings WINDchester’s way. A brief article  on  the  generator  is  printed  elsewhere  on  this  page.   The final installation and wiring was completed just one day before the Christmas wind storm.  Fortunately power outages in the area were brief... this time!

Winchester held its Christmas meeting virtually in December with a good turnout of members. The meeting was conducted by our new Master Craig Leifert using the “TV studio” set up in the Grange hall for State Master George Russell when he conducted State Session from our hall. It has come in quite handy for Winchester and Mountain Laurel meetings.

Our next meeting will be on January 26. Want to join us? Email Secretary Sue Addison at saddison0210@charter.net and she’ll send you the information needed to log on to the meeting. We would love to see you there! All meetings begin at 7:00 P.M.



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