Tuesday, December 07, 2021
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July 2021 Musings from Winchester Grange No. 74

By Todd Gelineau

  July 10, 2021 --

July 13: Meeting

July 27: Meeting

Aug. 10: Meeting

Aug. 14: Annual Grange Fair, Community Tag Sale & Pet Parade, 10-3

Aug. 24: Meeting

As you can see from the schedule above, Winchester Grange is BACK! We resumed our regular twice monthly meeting schedule in June and were thrilled to confer the Obligation Ceremony for four new members (two at each meeting). Refreshments have been suspended for a while, but we will bring back this much-loved tradition in the fall.

Three resolutions were adopted at our second June meeting. All were drafted by our new member (by demit), Debbie Vaill. She comes to us from the New York State Grange and is already making great contributions to our Grange. The resolutions will now move on to State Grange.

Our first Grange event since last year was a tag sale held on June 12. Thank you to all of the members who worked and/or donated items for the sale. Instead of marking prices on the items we left it to the customer to decide how much the items were worth to them. In most cases people spent more money than if we had marked them 25¢, 50¢, $1.00, etc.

$338.57 is a decent profit for our first event out of the gate.

Our annual Agricultural Fair will be held on Saturday, August 14 with a new twist. It has become difficult in recent years to get vendors for the Flea Market, so the decision was made to discontinue it for the time being. Instead we will be holding a community tag sale at the Grange Hall and on the Green. Members of the community (they do not need to be Grange members) can request a space and they can set up at the Fair and make a little money. The only thing we provide is the space, you provide any chairs, tables or coverings you might need. A donation to the Grange would be welcome but is not required.

Due to COVID-19 the traditional events surrounding the Laurel Festival were not held again this year (including our annual Father’s Day Strawberry Festival). The Winsted Pet Parade was also suspended this year. As our small way of keeping the tradition alive this year we will be having a Winchester Grange-style Kids and Pets Costume Contest at the Grange Fair this year. It will be organized by Debbie Vaill and details will be available in our Premium Flyer which should be available soon. Copies will be distributed to past entrants in the Fair, at the Grange Post Office and it will be posted on our website at www.WinchesterGrange.org . It should be a fun day, so join us on August 14 at the Grange Hall and on the Green.

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