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Dec 2021 News from Taghhannuck Grange No. 100

By Barbara Prindle

  DECEMBER 6, 2021 --

Our meetings are at 7:30 P.M. with refreshments at 7:00 P.M.

Dec. 9: Cookie Exchange-all members

Jan. 13: Traveling in this weather- Carol Knutson

At  our  November   meeting the awards from State  Session were given out for Lecturer’s Appreciation, Ritual Program, CWA certificate of achievement and 2nd place for Community service. There are new chairpersons on some of our standing committees: Debbie Hanlon - CWA , Bill Palmer

1-  Community Service,  Debra Tyler

2-  Agriculture & Conservation. We discussed using Master vs. President and the consensus was to use Master in ritual and President otherwise.

In November we gave out dictionaries to all 3rd grad Students at Sharon Center School receive dictionaries provided by Taghhannuck students in Warren, Kent, Cornwall and Sharon. Sharon Center School was the only school that allowed us to do an in-person presentation with the teacher doing a fun lesson on dictionaries. We  answered many questions about our Grange. The dictionaries were just dropped off at the other schools because of Covid rules but the same happened last year and we got wonderful thank you notes from the students of these schools.

In December we will continue making up plates/bags of homemade cookies that go to members who cannot get out and about and to people/households  suggested  by our local Social Services Agent. We are asking all members to make up 4 dozen of one kind of cookie and bring them to the Dec. 9 meeting or drop them off by Dec. 10 at the Prindle’s house or the Hall.

Because of COVID we will not be putting the plates/bags together at our meeting, but a couple of our members will do it on Dec. 10 and deliver them. There will also be a gift exchange at the meeting.

At our Dec. 9 meeting we will decide on our new Community Service project for this year. If you cannot attend the meeting please give/send your suggestions to Barbara Prindle.



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