Friday, May 20, 2022
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Jan 2022 News from Taghhannuck Grange No. 100

By Barbara Prindle

  January 9, 2022 --

At our December meeting we had a grab bag and our Christmas cookie project. Members make four dozen of the same kind of cookie and we put each kind of cookie in individual baggies.  Then we filled

16 decorated gift bags with these cookies. The gift bags went to Town Hall Social Services to give out to shut-ins or people living alone. We then delivered cookie gift bags to 8 of our members plus 1 prospective member. It seemed that the members enjoyed the conversations as much as they appreciated the cookies.   We are at the beginning of developing a new community service project for this year that is very exciting and should also lead to new membership for our Grange. January 13, 2022 (the past year seemed to fly by) program will be Traveling in This Weather. Anyone who has visited our hall will appreciate that the weather on top of the “hill” is always snowier and colder.  As usual we will have refreshments at 7 P.M. before the meeting which begins at 7:30 P.M. By the time you are reading this we wish all of you a belated Happy New Year.



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