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May 2022 News from Mountain Laurel Pomona No. 15

By Todd Gelineau

  May 11, 2022 --

May 14: Fifth Degree, Winchester Grange, 2:00 P.M.

June 19: Meeting at BETHLEHEM GRANGE, “Colorful Days”, 4 P.M.

A sure sign that things are returning to the “new normal” is the conferral of the Fifth Degree to be held at Winchester Grange on Saturday, May 14 beginning at 2:00 P.M. We encourage all Granges to talk up Pomona membership with their members and see if we can round up a large class of candidates. At this point it will be the only opportunity to receive this degree (on the western side of the State) before State Session as this degree is needed to advance to the Sixth Degree. Please email Secretary@CTStateGrange.org for more information.

Due to a conflict at Taghhannuck Grange, the June 19 meeting of Mountain Laurel Pomona has been moved to Bethlehem Grange. The August 27 meeting will be held at Taghhannuck Grange in return. Please mark your calendars.



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