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Sep 2022 News from Mountain Laurel Pomona No. 15

By Todd Gelineau

  September 15, 2022 --

As of this writing, it is the eve of the August meeting of Mountain Laurel Pomona at Bethlehem Grange on the 27th. The Pomona Handbooks have been printed! This is the first time since the first edition was printed back in 2020.  Hopefully the 2022 edition will be more useful than the 2020 as much of the calendars of events were cleared due to the outbreak of COVID-19 shortly after the books were distributed to the Granges in our Pomona.

Special Note: The handbook contains all of the information received from Granges. All were asked for the same information. Not all provided complete information. Some meeting schedules only cover the first few months of the new Grange year. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to put this book together due to the slow response from Granges. It is a minor miracle to have as much information in place as we do right now. If you think your Grange should have more information in the book-- talk with your Grange members and make changes for the next edition-- we’ll be asking again for this information next spring and hope to have an even better response. All Granges present at the Pomona will receive their books then for distribution at their own meetings. The remaining Granges will be mailed out shortly after the August meeting of the Pomona.



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