Monday, April 22, 2024
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Jan News from Nutmeg Pomona No. 16

By Joanne Cipriano

  JANUARY 26, 2024 --

A popular winter song starts “Oh the weather outside is frightful”. That’s how the weather was for our December Pomona meeting. The drive over was rainy and foggy but light – the ride home was all of these but dark and dreary. If it had been snow, we would still be shoveling. But inside everyone was in the Christmas spirit and ready for our meeting and Christmas Party. Attendance was smaller than usual but you can’t fault members for not coming in that kind of weather.

Lots of Christmas packages. A nice country store and everyone participated in the grab bag. Delicious refreshments, served following the meeting by the members of Cheshire Grange, made it a good day,

We were sorry to receive the resignation of Roy Harrington, Steward and Betty Jane Lady Assistant Steward. Aili McKeen of Wallington Grange was elected

L.A.S. The Steward’s position is still open – any volunteers.

Our next meeting is March 17th with a Degree rehearsal on March 10th. We will be conferring the Fifth Degree. Now is the time to line up your candidates.

We hope your Christmas Holiday was enjoyable and this will continue into year 2024.



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