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125th Annual Session of the CT State Grange - Highlights Day 2
  OCTOBER 2009 --

Connecticut State Grange Master/President Robert Sendewicz opened the second day of the 125th Annual Session of the Connecticut State Grange, at the Comfort Inn in Meriden, in form in the Fourth Degree.

Chaplain Amy Whitcomb presented her report, followed by a moving Memorial Service. The service was filled with music and memories as flower bearers laid roses at the base of the candles in remembrance of fellow Grangers who "went to the Great Grange above" since last year.

Delegates and Session Committees worked on over 30 resolutions during the morning and afternoon sessions. Details and results of these resolutions will be available soon, and will also be available in the Journal of Proceedings, to be published in the next couple of months.

The afternoon session began with Women's Activities Director Betty Jane Gardiner making her report. Monetary donations were made to the Connecticut Granger Trust Fund, the Connecticut State Grange Student Loan Fund and the Camp Berger Maintenance Fund. The committee spoke of the successful Foster Care "Cat Nap" project, and also made a substantial donation of Christmas Toys for all ages to Covenant to Care. Covenant to Care, Inc. is dedicated to improving the lives of Connecticut's abused and neglected children through the acquisition and distribution of community resources, mentoring, and foster and adoptive family recruitment. CTC serves over 30,000 children and youth annually.

An informational workshop from the University of Connecticut Extension Service followed the Women's Activities Committee presentation. The topic was "Connecticut Farm Risk Management and Crop Insurance Program" and was presented by guest speakers Jospeh Bonelli and Michael Keity.

Friday evening featured the conferral of the Sixth Degree with over 130 Grangers in attendance and 9 candidates receiving the degree in full form. This year the Degree was held at Meriden Grange Hall, and members were shuttled to and from the Hall and the Hotel. National Representative Beth Merrill, Lady Assistant Steward of the National Grange, was escorted and recognized, and addressed the attentive crowd. State Flora Carol Hnath, along with Pomona Jodi Ann Cameron and Ceres Eloise Osuch and the ladies of the court presented a beautiful court to the candidates. The ladies of the Rose Drill performed a lovely and intricate drill under the wing of Cindy Anderson. Grangers were shuttled back to the Session Hotel for refreshments, and a well-attended night of fun and entertainment (Bingo!) followed the closing of the day's activities, sponsored by the State Youth Committee.

The 125th Annual Session of the Connecticut State Grange will continue on Saturday, October 17, 2009 for it's third and final day, at the Comfort Inn, 900 East Main Street, Meriden, Connecticut. The morning session will open at 9:00 AM.


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