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Family Activities News
Time to work on contests

By Anne-Marie Knochenhauer, Women's Activites Committee

  DECEMBER 2009 --

Finally winter is here! It is the best time of the year to start working on items for the Needlework, Craft, Scrapbooking, and Make-a-Doll Contest. Last year entries were so impressing and creative; keep up the good work.

If you attended any of the Regional I hope we as the comittee was able to stir some creative juices for any of the contest. Remenber the items you enter for the Craft Contest do not (I repeat do not) get returned to you. All craft items goes to the Big E to be sold except 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. They are put on display at State Session and used as gifts for the Master, his wife, and any dignitaries.

Also,now s the perfect time to take pictures during the holidays and start a scrapbook to enter in the Scrapbook Contest. All scrapbooks are returned to their owners.

Remenber the Craft and Scrapbook Contest are for Grangers, their children, and grandchildren to enter. The committee encourages men get involved as well as the females.

Have fun with whatever you decide to do. Have a safe and Happy Holiday!


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